Re- Birth



I lost a childhood toy … but have the memory of the person who gave me that gift with unconditional love.

I lost the privileges and fantasies of childhood … but had the opportunity of growing and living free.

I lost a lot of people whom I loved and still love … but had the affection and now have model from their lives.

I lost many things many times in my life.  But in that “loss,” today I aspire for the value of “gain;”

… because it is always possible to fight and there is always time to start all over again.

It is not important the time of life when you tired.  Important is that it is always possible and necessary to restart. 

Re-birthing is a new opportunity; it is renewing the hopes in life; and more importantly, it is believing in oneself.

Did you suffer greatly sometime?

 … that was a time for learning.

Did you cry a lot?

 … you were cleansing the soul.

Did you feel spiteful?

 ... it was a lesson on forgiveness.

At times, were you alone?

 ... it was because you closed the door.

Were there times you believed everything was lost?

 ... it was simply the beginning of your improvement.


Today is an excellent day to start a new life project. 

Where do you want to go? 

Look higher, dream higher, desire the best; life brings us what we aspire.

If we think small; the small will come. 

If we think firmly on the best, on the positive and we strive for it;

the best will come in our lives.

Today is the great mental cleaning day.  Throw away all that binds you to the past; all that hurts you. 

Discard everything into garbage, clean your heart, prepare it for a new life;  for we are passionate. 

Life calls you; it invites you to a new adventure, a new journey, a new challenge. 

This day, promise yourself: that

you will do anything possible to achieve your objectives; trust in God, trust in yourself.