What does it mean ‘’being poor’’ ??



What does it mean ‘’being poor’’ ??

A rich father wanted that his son learns what does it mean being poor. He took him to spent some time with a peasant family.

The son spent three days and nights there. 

Back in the car, the father asks him about his experience . The son says Good.  

The father ask: did you learn anything?

1 – we have one dog they have 4.

2 – We have a pool with treated water. They have a river nearby with clear water and fish of all sort. 

3- We have an electric installation in our garden and they have all stars and moon lighting. 

4 – Our garden finishes with the wall they have an open garden with no limits     

5 – We buy our food they cook it. 

6 – we listen to music from CDs. They listen to music from the garden. 

...in addition to some songs from a nearby farmer ....

7 – we use microwave ovens to cook they cook tasty food with wood fire.    

8 –  to be protected we use alarms and gates, they are protected by their friends and neighbors.  

9 – We are connected to our laptops, cell phones, TVs, .... They are connected to life, horizon, skies, greenery,  animals, and family. 

The father was impressed by his son’s depth of reasoning. Finally the son concludes.

Each day we become poorer by not seeing the nature God created. 

Thank you for letting me learn how poor we are !  We look to possess and possess every day more by being proccupied to ‘’become’’.