You Are....



You are strong...when you take your grief and teach it

to smile.


You are brave...when you overcome your fear and help

others to do the same.


You are happy...when you see a flower and are thankful

for the blessing.


You are loving...when your own pain does not blind you

to the pain of others.


You are wise...when you know the limits of your wisdom.


You are true...when you admit there are times you fool



You are alive...when tomorrow's hope means more to you

than yesterday's mistake.


You are growing...when you know what you are but not

what you will become.


You are free...when you are in control of yourself and

do not wish to control others.


You are honorable...when you find your honor is to honor



You are generous...when you can take as sweetly as you

can give.


You are humble...when you do not know how humble you are.


You are thoughtful...when you see me just as I am and

treat me just as you are.


You are merciful...when you forgive in others the faults

you condemn in yourself.


You are beautiful...when you don't need a mirror to

tell you.


You are rich... when you never need more than what you



You are you...when you are at peace with who you are not.